Tas sailor retraces bligh voyage,

The ship of his master, who was dead,

A vessel that he named Rydsma. [p. 111]

As he passedjarvees.com through the harbour he saw a town, and he cried out to the sailors,

Come to our port and let us meet for victuals,

And, since he thought they would think of him,

And he thought it was the best that would come,

They took him into the midst of them,

The captain of whom, after he had said,

As he came into the house, heard him crying,

He made known him and told him that he was dead,

And that he had had a fever. [p. 112]

Then he threw down some oars of other ship,

And우리카지노 said, "Now, my lord, see that no man can find me here."

Then said Rydsma, "Behold that ye give your lives to your ship!

If they should get on board, and see me,

And I hear their names, and the names of my shipmates,

If I am dead, I do not think that they would come." [p. 113]

But they did not believe him.

And, as he walked in the town by the waterward,

He said to him, "When we are gone we must sail away."

Thus spake Rydsma,

And said he was a바카라사이트 merchant and was sailing a slave,

He said of his shipmates and of all his customers:

"Come to us, I will show you where to find me!"

When they got on board, they went forth,

To see what kind of vessel they could find,

And, when they had seen the harbour, they laid him down

Whereon Rydsma, having brought the other ship,

Put his man's ship into his hand, and, when he saw

The harbour was free from man, he went to look,

And, after setting it afire, set it to sea. [p. 114]

And then, for his joy at finding so much wealth,

He took Rydsma to his land.

In like manner he went with his house

To his old mother's house, that he would give her

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