Atsb investigators arrive at scene of fatal plane crash near the village of Caspian, western Azerbaijan, Nov. 20, 2015. REUTERS/Masha onmashiv

There were two reported explosions near the crash site, but investigators later ruled that the blasts were caused by a fire caused by the wreckage burning and had not been caused by a plane, said a spokesman for Azeri officials in the central Azeri city of Novoazovskapronx.

A plane, wi더킹카지노th 217 passengers and crew aboard, crashed on Saturday in one of the busiest shipping routes in the South Caucasian region, where Azerbaijan is a member of NATO and the U.S.S.R. are allies.

Russian state media said that the plane had just lost radar contact when it came down and that two engines were missing. But investigators said there was no sign of flames or smoke.

"There are no signs of any fire and no smoke is present. We assume that the plane had lost radio contact before it crashed," Azeri Interior Minister Olexander Obradov said in an official state news briefing.

The U.S.-based flight path chart for the flight is based on a computer system that identifies the flight direction, route and altitude of commercial aircraft.

"We suspect it was an aircraft. We do not know if it was a commercial jet. Maybe it wasn't from there. Maybe the plane had just landed. Maybe the pilot was drunk, lost control, or the aircraft crashed and someone on board was killed," said Obradov, a former air force general.

Russia's Defence Ministry issued a statement saying Russia, the United States, Ukraine카지노 사이트, and a number of foreign governments were working to establish the cause of the crash.

A U.S. official said that Washington had spoken to Russia about the crash. "We are concerned by this accident and we want to get as much information as possible so we can get the appropriate assistance that could help us determine what happened."

U.S. State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf said on Twitter that the U.S. Embassy in Russia was monitoring the situation. The U.S. National Transportation Safety Board said on Twitter it was monitoring the incident.


Azeri officials also said the plane had come down in a forest where there was no fire, but would be allowed by authorities to dig in case there was further damage.

In Russia, authorities said there was no trace of a downed airliner in the region and ther