Gallop tight lipped over former police officers

A Florida prosecutor is expected to call a grand jury to determine whether the grand jury should hear criminal charges in the July 2012 death of a man whose wife was fatally stabbed by his former Miami-Dade County police officer.

A Florida grand jury is expected to hear the case of a Miami-Dade police officer charged with first-degree murder after he killed Anthony "Tony" Anderson in August 2013. (Monica Akhtar/Miami Herald via Getty Images)

Attorney Tony Campolo has been asked to assist the grand jury by a lawyer hired by the Miami-Dade Police Benevolent Association, attorney Paul J. O'Brien said.

O'Brien did not disclose whether the grand jury will hear criminal charges related to Anderson's killing or the officer's alleged role in Anderson's shooting, but said it is possible.

Campolo declined to comment.

Anderson was shot in the chest by a Miami-Dade police officer in August 2013 while his wife was in her home in the 9400 block of South E. Ninth Street near W. 11th Avenue.

Anderson died at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, where doctors later found he had suffered multiple gun우리카지노shot wounds to his chest and lungs, according to The Miami Herald.

O'Brien did not specify when Anderson's death will be called up for a grand jury, saying he has been told it will come up sooner rather than later. He was among several attorneys hired to investigate the case, but the attorney did not provide further details.

O'Brien was asked by The Miami Herald to tell the grand jury about a new law passed by the state legislature this year that requires police 예스카지노unions to adopt policies to prohibit and investigate police misconduct.

On July 21, a jury in Tallahassee tried the case of former Miami-Dade police officer Michael Sowell, who was charged with first-degree manslaughter on Wednesday for his role in Anderson's death.

O'Brien is not involved with that case. He said there are other cases in which there are "not good or bad individuals" but that no good will come from trying to prosecute someone for doing something the police are not supposed to be involved in, according to the Miami Herald.

There is nothing in the law that prohi바카라bits the Police Benevolent Association, or the city of Miami, from drafting rules to limit the role of police unions or prohibit any kind of activity that could lead to lawsuits or an excessive lawsuit, O'Brien said.