Libs slam police boat tender The police helicopter tender has had to be abandoned after it caught fire. https://www.더킹카지노


The police helicopter tender has had to be abandoned after it caught fire.

Police said the blaze happened in the early hours of Thursday morning in the Conembey estate on the northbound M5 at about 11am and had extinguished before 1pm.

Inspector Paul MacNeish said: "The helicopter was on standby to assist in emergency response to an emergency, however the weather conditions were not ideal, and no other vehicles could be dispatched in such conditions."

Police said a fi우리카지노re crew from the Northern Ireland Fire Brigade was sent to Derry to carry out a smoke-and-douse operation and were working to restore power.

There are already several helicopters with white paint on them in Derry - two of which have also caught fire on their first use.

Meanwhile, the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service said it had sent a large number of patients to Northern Ireland as a precautionary measure following the explosion on the boat which killed one man.

It said there were only a few patients that were treated at the scene, but as the ambulance service had the power to send ambulances to the scene it was possible the majority could also have been evacuated.

Pascal Dolan, the head of ambulances, said: "As many as four ambulances from the ambulance service were present with four fire-fighters and a number of patients and they were able to treat all the patients and provide care for them at the scene.

"There are only two ambulances that are cu예스카지노rrently taking patients on the ambulance service. There are four people being treated by us right now. We have brought three fire teams in, which is what we do and is an appropriate response, and with these three additional fire teams, it is absolutely clear that the fire is much, much more than just an engine failure."

Liam Paddick, Northern Ireland's acting Chief Constable, said: "This tragic incident is totally preventable and I'd like t