Nrl secures tv deal with channel nine origin on sunday from 2018

Channel Nine to secure 1,300km deal with Australian channel Nine

AFL Telstra to secure 1,300km deal with Australian broadcaster Seven

C바카라사이트hannel Nine to secure 2.2 million sq feet of new office building for new corporate headquarters at Sydney CBD, including a 12-story office tower on the north side

Australian channel Nine to build new corporate headquarters and the first of its kind in Europe

New corporate headquarters at the centre of Sydney city centre, the world's tallest building

The new building will become Nine's first new office in 20 years at the city's centre.

It will also be the first time Nine's commercial operation will use its iconic headquarters on High Street.

The Austral바카라사이트ian broadcaster said on its website that it had a "historic opportunity" to build the new building on South Bank Road, with its logo visible above the street corner.

The $1.15 billion office tower will have a rooftop garden and is expected to be the country's tallest resi예스카지노dential tower, with a combined 715,000sq ft (23.4m2) of floor space.

Sydney's skyline is currently home to more than 1 million commercial buildings, but the city will welcome the arrival of a second major corporate headquarters.

The building is being built by the state government in partnership with the commercial giant ANZ.